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June, 21 – 16h (CEST)

Is Education the New Frontier in the Gaming Boom?

Video games are experiencing a golden age with major investment from big tech companies. But to what extent will education benefit from this boom? Join this masterclass to learn about the possibilities that today’s technology offers to incorporate games in the classroom and change the perception of society.

Future Carrers

June, 21 – 16:30h (CEST)

Dial M for Math: How to Break the Popular Culture of Resistance to Learning Math

M is the black sheep of the letters that make up the acronym STEM, but it is also the common denominator of all of them. Without maths there is no science, engineering, or technology. Many children fear math like spiders and many students blame the subject for dropping out of scientific or technological careers. How to change the stigma and the almost instinctive rejection it provokes? Join this masterclass to learn more about the fascinating universe of math.

June, 21 – 17:00h (CEST)

Planet Rescuers

Immerse yourself in this Planet Rescuers challenge. You will experience first-hand how elementary school students learn through a video game about sustainability and energy, and the importance of STEM. You will also learn game dynamics and how to present disruptive content in a motivating way. In addition, you will test your skill as a Minecraft Education Edition player, a programmer, and a scientist.

June, 22 – 14:30h (CEST)

Digital Education Boom in India:
What Will be the
Impact for Local Communities?

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation that most countries have yet to make, including India. In this roundtable we will learn to what extent this greater democratization of knowledge and access to educational and technological resources are reaching the most remote local communities and in how they can contribute to the economic and social development of these communities.

Gaming Boom
Gaming Education

June, 22 – 16h (CEST)

Future Careers: Maths-based Careers for a Sustainable Future

The digital transformation and energy transition to a sustainable society will require the incorporation of many STEM professionals, yet the number of students choosing these careers is at best stagnant. In this roundtable we will hear from experts about the job prospects offered by the 2030 Agenda to achieve the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations through STEM disciplines.

June, 22 – 17:30h (CEST)

Disruptive Technologies and Math: A Success Story?

Gamification is finding its way into many areas of life and education, especially with the advance of virtual reality. To what extent are we taking advantage of the vast opportunities offered by digital education, and what are the main barriers to replicating the success they are having in the classroom?

Online Learning

June, 23 – 14:30h (CEST)

Bucking the Trend: Are We Losing the Battle for Girls in STEM?

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in public and private sector efforts to promote the role of women in STEM and to attract new female talent. However, the numbers of women choosing these careers are still not improving. What is going wrong and how to change this trend? Join the discussion on this very important topic in this roundtable.

June, 23 – 16h (CEST)

Learning Through Play, Math

Learning through play and experimenting with what is around is the definition of childhood. How to keep that curiosity alive from early childhood, and above all how to bring quality education to every corner of the planet ensuring that all children can develop the hard and soft skills that will be required in the future. That’s what this roundtable will be about and much more.

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21-26 JUNE 2022