September, 21 – 16h (CEST) / 9:00h (MEX)

The future of STEM education in the post-COVID era

Experts will discuss what changes need to take place to inspire younger generations to choose a STEM career taking advantage of the current momentum in the debate for innovation in education.

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September, 21 – 18h (CEST) / 11:00h (MEX)

Innovation and the future of education

Discuss how digital technologies could improve student´s skills and employability, and what changes still need to take place to open the doors to innovation

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September, 22 – 16h (CEST) / 9:00h (MEX)

Excite-Enable-Ignite for a STEM Future

This roundtable will focus on how to promote STEM programs that will motivate the next generation of STEM professionals taking advantage of innovation in the classroom.

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September, 22 – 18h (CEST) / 11:00h (MEX)

PBL for the future of STEM

In this roundtable, we will discuss how the implementation of a project-based learning approach can be a game changer for STEM education, and especially in a world where the nature of future jobs is in constant flux, making references to Project WESET.

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September, 23 – 16h (CEST) / 9:00h (MEX)

STEM from Cradle to Grave: Why & How?

Explore the role of universities, including staff and students, in helping communities seek effective ways to motivate interest in and deliver on STEM fields, especially for girls, during the earlier years of their educations.

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September, 23 – 18h (CEST) / 11:00h (MEX)

Changing Role of Higher Education for innovation and sustainability

The role of universities in innovation ecosystems, and the formula for quality interactions between universities, companies, governmental agencies and other public organizations.

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21-26 SEPTEMBER 2021