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A week dedicated to STEM education and sustainability

The first edition of hackstem was held in October 2020. There were 3 days with round tables that addressed different current issues about education, digitization and the importance of preparation in STEM.

Then we had a two-day Hackathon in which students from different (technological) universities in Spain were working in teams guided by mentors (12 incredible women) on a tool digital and thus attract young people to STEM careers.

The objective of that week was:

  • MOTIVATE younger students with stimulating and playful learning.

  • EXPAND the pool of future STEM professionals with inclusive programs.

  • AWAKEN vocations with learning focused on experimentation and the search for solutions to real problems.

Roundtables, time for reflection and debate:

  • Educate in Sustainability, where Antonio de la Torre, Cristina Cuerno, Javier Benayas, Federico Buyolo and David Alba discussed whether new generations are being well educated about sustainability. Something crucial to know if we are on the right track towards the goals set in 2030.

  • Vocations in STEM, women were the protagonists. Cristina Balbás, Sara Gómez and María Romera spoke about how to promote vocations in STEM when they are most needed, since right now training in this area is scarce. José Luis Parra moderated the discussion to perfection.

  • Something that became especially important in 2020 due to COVID-19 was digitization, and one of the sectors where it had to be reinvented was Education. Anna Canato, Belén Gancedo, Iñaki Fuertes, Luis Miguel Olivas and Arturo Villar were speaking under this theme, who contributed their vision of what digital teaching can contribute to STEM learning.

  • To finish, Carlos Wert, David Calle, Iria Mata and Carlos Magro were in an intense round table. They spoke about a new education, which allowed us to reflect on the teaching model that has been implemented, what we expect from the institutions in the coming years and other topics.

And the Winners were…


Great Team

The HackSTEM winning team was Great Team, made up of Ilu S., Ignacio Garcia-Baquero, Jaime Jiménez Muñoz and Francisco Javier Gil Sotelo, with the Smart Heroes! Project, a mini-game platform in which children can customize your heroes and choose an outfit related to STEM professions. With a map that is structured in five phases where the different SDGs coexist. In addition, they promote sustainable energy and recycling.



Júlia Blasco, Joan Ortiga, Marina Chavarria, Marc Galdo and Pol Serra won second prize with their CODEBOX, a «gamified» educational APP, which tries to bring together and facilitate teaching STEM to any in a fun, visual, simple and immersive way. Several levels, and also has a mode in which the teacher is able to create the personalized exercise and it can be used both in class and at home.



The members of Superplayer proposed us a video game where children explore and repair a desolate world, thus becoming aware of the importance of caring for the environment. In addition, in the construction of its protagonist robot a solar panel and recyclable materials are used and each mission responds to one of the ONU sustainability objectives.

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