01  —  User-friendly

Engage young people

We are looking for solutions that will improve students’ learning experience by bringing those disciplines into their world.

Young students are born digital

Gamification help students be motivated by STEM.

For a better world

Digital education is here to stay. So, quality education doesn´t have to remain the privilege of a few.

No teachers left behind

COVID19 has shown us the importance of closing the gap between generations in the use of digital tools, especially in the classroom.

02  —  Profiles

We are looking for…

Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree related to STEM disciplines (engineering, computer science, electronics, mathematics), as well as education, business, or marketing.

A team competition

Entries can be made as a team or individually (will be assigned to a team later). Only 15 teams can enter the competition.


Accessible to participants from anywhere.


We will have seven top-level mentors who are experts in innovation and STEM education.

03  —  Challenge

Teach STEM

CREATE a digital tool to motivate young students, in STEM education. Criteria for evaluation of the proposals:

  • Resolution of the challenge

  • Usability

  • Creative and design

  • Teamwork

  • Innovation and originality

Face the challenge?


September 24,
18:30h (CEST)


September 26,
18:30h (CEST)


04  —  Prizes for the 3 best projects

€5.000 in prizes for the 3 best projects

The three best projects will be awarded for their creativity and talent.

05  —  Jury

Evaluating the projects

An expert jury will evaluate the projects and determine the winners. All teams will have to present their project on the last day of the hackathon.

Do you want to talk?

If you have any comments, write us!

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20-22 Oct 2023